Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Year - New Cheer!

Happy new year to you !

Ive been very busy sorting my baskets and boxes of gemstones with bright new ideas for the new year. I will post later on, some of my ideas. I'm really trying to create with a colorful, tribal influence.

Happy Creating ,

Talk soon!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Something Old , Something New....

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet.  My name is Sarah. When I create jewelry, I follow a "Something Old, Something New " rule.  I adore rustic, hammered, or torch-painted metal ( be it sterling or fine silver and/or copper ) combined with brightly colored, sparkling gemstones. There is something about a seemingly, crusty relic paired with a delicate jewel that really gets my motor running. I seem to follow that mantra with all my projects.  I am currently obsessed with DIY projects and furniture re-vamps and will share my favorite finds and attempts with you. Now, that being said,  I haven't actually put any of my fancy ideas, to use in the furniture department YET - That's coming! I thought this blog would be the motivation I need to jump in.

Here are a couple of examples of jewelry I made with my S.O.S.N theory... Hammered, oxidized sterling silver and pure copper. I fused fine silver embellishments onto the copper for a bit of an old relic effect. The gemstones are green grossular garnet.

I used an antique enameled pendant, an oxidized brass leaf and a sparkly red garnet gemstone in this necklace. The rest of the beads are upcycled from older bead bracelets I had laying around and 2 pretty, genuine turquoise gemstones.

Thanks for looking !

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